Paper Title:
Comparison System of Face Identification Algorithms under Application-Specific

It has been the academic researching subject how to objectively compare the various face identification algorithms. This paper design a system based on the Colorado State University identification evaluation system, which can compare face identification algorithms under application-specific. First of all, introduced the old system; then taken the logging system for desktop of PC as an example, designed the comparing system of face identification algorithms under application-specific, coded the process of achieving and pre-processed data and described the steps of processing data; at last tested PCA_MahCosine, LDA_ldaSoft, Bayesian_ML, PCA_Euclidean and Bayesian_MAP five common face identification methods, conclude Bayesian_ML algorithm is the best algorithm in face recognition logging system for logging on PC desktop and give the parameter in the system, provide a sample for testing face identification algorithms under application-specific.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 268-270)
Edited by
Feng Xiong
J. F. Zhao, W. H. Zeng, M. Liu, "Comparison System of Face Identification Algorithms under Application-Specific", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 268-270, pp. 2072-2076, 2011
Online since
July 2011
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