Paper Title:
The Impact of Peer Interaction on Group Strategy in Cooperative Learning Environment

Using grouping strategies for students precede cooperative learning heterogeneous grouping, students who have different styles or learning achievement assist each other and improve each other's learning differences, in order to enhance personal learning achievements and reach the learning goals of teacher set. But not all of the cooperative learning can improve students’ learning achievement. On the other hand, student will still have low learning motivation and poor learning achievement conditions even if in the style of auxiliary and cooperative learning situation. For the above, the study observe peer interaction among students, discuss how to interact among peers in the process of heterogeneous cooperative learning? And it makes the summary of interaction, learning behavior and learning motivation among students in different grouping strategy.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 271-273)
Edited by
Junqiao Xiong
C. H. Lai, C. Y. Sung, B. S. Jong, P. F. Lee, "The Impact of Peer Interaction on Group Strategy in Cooperative Learning Environment", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 271-273, pp. 1213-1218, 2011
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July 2011
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