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Degradation in Fatigue Crack Propagation Resistance of a Gas Turbine Vane after Long Term Service

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volume 278)
Main Theme Euro Superalloys 2010
Edited by M. Heilmaier
Pages 375-380
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Masakazu Okazaki et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 278, 375
Online since July 2011
Authors Masakazu Okazaki, Motoki Sakaguchi, Yosuke Sasaki, Koichi Namba
Keywords Fatigue Crack, Gas Turbine Vane after Long Term Service, Leading Edge, Miniature Size Specimen, Ni-Base Superalloy, Reheat Treatment, Trailing Edge
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Degree of long term degradation damage of a retired gas turbine vane made of a Ni-based superalloy which had been operating for about 20000 hrs in a land-based gas turbine, was experimentally evaluated, through an assessment on the change in fatigue crack propagation resistance. For the purpose, a new testing apparatus has been developed to measure the local area fatigue crack propagation resistance, by extracting the miniature size compact tension specimens from the vane, where the specimens were extracted from the leading and the trailing edge, respectively. It was shown, the propagation rate of the crack that grew at the trailing edge part was significantly higher that that at the leading edge part. It was also shown that the crack propagation rates in the miniature specimen were generally higher than those in the standard size specimen. In order to explore an possibility to recover the degradation damage, the effect of a simple reheat treatment on the fatigue crack propagation resistance was also investigated