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Microstructural Properties of Nb-Si Based Alloys Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy

An NbTiHfCrAlSi niobium silicide based atomized powder has been compacted by a conventional technique (hot extrusion) and by spark plasma sintering to nearly fully dense alloys. Both materials exhibit a metastable fine micrometer-sized microstructure that has been coarsened by a subsequent heat treatment. The densification of the SPS sample takes place between ca. 800°C and 1300°C.

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M. Heilmaier
S. Drawin, J.P. Monchoux, J.L. Raviart, A. Couret, "Microstructural Properties of Nb-Si Based Alloys Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 278, pp. 533-538, Jul. 2011
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July 2011
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