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Oxidation of Copper Zinc Oxide Catalysts by Carbon Monoxide

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 332 - 334)
Main Theme Advanced Textile Materials
Chapter Chapter 3: Fiber Manufacturing Technology
Edited by Xiaoming Qian and Huawu Liu
Pages 564-567
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Lin Tong Wang, 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 332-334, 564
Online since September 2011
Authors Lin Tong Wang
Keywords Ambient Temperature, Carbon Monoxide, Catalysts Prepared, Copper Zinc, Copper Zinc Oxide Catalysts
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Copper zinc oxide catalysts are effective for the ambient temperature carbon monoxide oxidation and display higher specific activity than the current commercial hopcalite catalyst. We investigate the copper zinc oxide catalyst prepared by co-precipitation under different atmospheres for the oxidation of carbon monoxide at low temperatures and these systems are now worthy of further investigation.