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Research on Deflection Calculation of Laminated Glass Simply Supported on Four Sides

Combining with load bearing capacity tests, the laminated glass simply supported on four sides subjected to bending is analyzed using the finite element software ANSYS. Based on the theoretical and experimental deflection results, the accurate calculation model is established. In order to calculate the deflection of laminated glass subjected to short-time loading such as wind load based on different codes, the equivalent thickness of laminated glass based on Chinese code 2003 and European code is calculated, respectively. Finally, on the basis of many finite element analyses, load bearing capacity tests and code values, the formulas for calculating maximum deflectiont of four-sides supported laminated glass is revised in “Technical code for glass curtain wall engineering” (China) and corresponding correction coefficient is given.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 341-342)
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Liu Guiping
X. Wang, Q. L. Zhang, J. Chen, Z. X. Tao, J. Chen, "Research on Deflection Calculation of Laminated Glass Simply Supported on Four Sides", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 341-342, pp. 833-837, Sep. 2011
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September 2011
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