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Characterisation of High Calcium Wood Ash for Use as a Constituent in Wood Ash-Silica Fume Ternary Blended Cement

The potential stabilization of high calcium wood waste ash (HCWWA) derived from the wood biomass energy production for use as cementitious material using another industrial by-product, silica fume, was investigated. Throughout the study, both HCWWA and DSF were characterized in term of their respective chemical composition and mineralogical phases. Besides, physical characteristics of HCWWA and DSF in terms of particle grading and specific surface area were established in order to evaluate their suitability as for use as constituent material in blended cement. Additionally, compressive strength properties of high strength mortar produced using HCWWA and DSF blended cement were investigated. Results indicated that the use of HCWWA as a partial cement replacement did not have significant adverse effect on the workability of fresh mortar. The enhancement of the compressive of mortar was observed for mortar mixes containing DSF and HCWWA levels of cement replacement up to 16%.

Chapter 1: Sustainable Construction Materials Technology
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Wensong Hu
Cheah Chee Ban et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 346, 3
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September 2011
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