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Study of Ballast Water Micro-Algae Inactivation Using High-Voltage Pulsed Discharge: Discharge Characteristics

Treatment technology for ballast water is in need. High-voltage pulsed discharge has great potentiality to inactivating micro-algae living in ballast water. In this study, effects of discharge reactor parameters and ballast water parameters to discharge characteristics were studied, the efficiency of the micro-algae inactivation was confirmed preliminarily, and the principle of designing discharge reactor parameters was discussed. The main conclusions are: UP increased with the increasing of d, while decreased with the increasing of r; IP increased with the increasing of r, while decreased with the increasing of d; UP and IP both increased with the increasing of U. E decreased with the increasing of d; when d=2mm, the value of E was far larger than that of d≥6mm; when d was 2mm,larger r, larger E; when d was between 6-20mm, larger r, smaller E. The optimized structure of discharge reactor should be r=3mm and d=6mm. Up increased with the increasing of Q while decreased with the increasing of T. η increased with the increasing of U and d, decreased with the increasing of r.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 356-360)
Chapter 7: Pollution Control Project (Air, Water, Solid)
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Hexing Li, Qunjie Xu and Daquan Zhang
Peng Hao Su et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 356-360, 1539
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October 2011
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