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Environmentally Friendly Electrochemical Method for the Direct Extraction of Titanium from High-Titanium Slag

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 361 - 363)
Main Theme Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
Chapter Chapter 6: Metallurgical Engineering
Edited by Qunjie Xu, Honghua Ge and Junxi Zhang
Pages 655-659
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Xing Li Zou et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 361-363, 655
Online since October 2011
Authors Xing Li Zou, Xiong Gang Lu, Zhong Fu Zhou, Chong He Li, Wei Zhong Ding
Keywords Electrochemical Extraction, High-Titanium Slag, Molten Salt, Som Method, Titanium
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The solid oxide membrane (SOM) method is an emerging technology for the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient extraction of metals direct from their respective oxides. This paper reports on the successful extraction of titanium powder direct from high-titanium slag in molten calcium chloride using the SOM method. The deoxidation process was carried out at 1000 °C and potential of 3.8 V. The current feature, phase composition evolution and morphology variation were investigated experimentally. It is found that the titanium can be successfully electrochemically extracted from high-titanium slag, the deoxidation process possesses a considerable electrolysis rate, and the current efficiency reaches ~55% in 6 h. It is shown that the SOM method is a promising alternative process for the extraction of titanium direct from titanium mineral resources.