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Effect of Nitrogen and Sulphur on the Growth and Qualities of Bunching Onion

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volume 366)
Main Theme Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Architectural Engineering and Informatization
Chapter Chapter 1: Material Engineering and its Application
Edited by Helen Zhang and David Jin
Pages 127-131
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Hou Cheng Liu et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 366, 127
Online since October 2011
Authors Hou Cheng Liu, Jun Ling Li, Shi Wei Song, Guang Wen Sun, Ri Yuan Chen
Keywords Allium fistulosum var. caespeitosum, Growth, Nitrogen, Quality, Sulphur
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Effects of nitrogen and sulphur [N3.75S0.35 (N 3.75 mmol/L, S 0.35mmol/L), N3.75S4.2(N 3.75 mmol/L, S 4.2mmol/L), N7.5S1.4(N 7.5 mmol/L, S 1.4mmol/L), N22.5S0.35(N 22.5 mmol/L, S 0.35mmol/L)] on the growth and quality of in bunching onion (Allium fistulosum L. var. caespeitosum Makino) were studied in hydroponics, in which the solution was Hoagland's. The results showed that the growth of bunching onion in N7.5S1.4 treatment was better than in other treatments. With nitrogen increasing, the growth of bunching onion enhanced at the same sulphur level, and the growth of bunching onion enhanced by sulphur increase at the same nitrogen level. Concentrations of chlorophyll a, b, total chlorophyll and carotenoid in N7.5S1.4 treatment were highest. With nitrogen and sulphur increasing, concentration of soluble protein and nitrate in bunching onion increased. While concentration of soluble sugar decreased with nitrogen increased.