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Stress Strain Testing of the Strand of E-Glass Fibers

The mathematical model of the stress-strain curve of the strand of glass fibers was proposed and applied on the experimental data obtained for E glass fibers. The model reflects the lognormal continuous distribution of the unstrained lengths of glass fibers and the Weibull distribution of the fibers strength. The regression treatment of experimental data provided the statistically robust estimates of the parameters of the lognormal length distribution, of the Young modulus, and of the parameters of the Weibull glass fibers strength distribution. It was shown that neglecting of the continuous unstrained length distribution leads to serious errors in estimates of the fiber strength distribution.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 39-40)
Edited by
M. Liška, D. Galusek, R. Klement and V. Petrušková
M. Chromčíková, M. Liška, "Stress Strain Testing of the Strand of E-Glass Fibers", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 39-40, pp. 165-168, 2008
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April 2008
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