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Effect of Germination on Physicochemical, Morphological and Rheological Properties of Rice Starch from Germ-Remaining Polished Rice

The effects of germination on physicochemical, morphological and rheological properties of rice starch from germ-remaining polished rice (GRPR) have been investigated. The properties of starches from raw GRPR, brown rice and germinated brown rice were also characterized as the comparison. The results showed that a decrease in amylose content was observed after germination and the amylose content of germinated GRPR was lower than that of germinated brown rice. Scanning electron microscopy did not reveal any distinct difference in the appearance of the starches except some slight alteration of the starch granule edges. Rheological investigation illustrated that the starches of GPRG with lower amylose content showed lower peak G’ in the four rice samples.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 396 - 398)
Chapter 7: Biochemical Industry
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Yanxuan Wen and Fuhou Lei
Yong Le Liu et al., 2011, Advanced Materials Research, 396-398, 1493
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November 2011
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