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Advances in Residual Stress Modeling and Measurement for the Structural Integrity Assessment of Welded Thermal Power Plant

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 41 - 42)
Main Theme Structural Integrity and Failure, 2008
Edited by Xiaozhi Hu, Brent Fillery, Tarek Qasim and Kai Duan
Pages 391-400
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Lyndon Edwards et al., 2008, Advanced Materials Research, 41-42, 391
Online since April 2008
Authors Lyndon Edwards, Mike C. Smith, Mark Turski, Michael E. Fitzpatrick, P. John Bouchard
Keywords Finite Element Validation, Residual Stress, Structural Integrity, Welded Power Plant
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The safe operation of both thermal and nuclear power plant is increasingly dependent upon structural integrity assessment of pressure vessels and piping. Furthermore, structural failures most commonly occur at welds so the accurate design and remnant life assessment of welded plant is critical. The residual stress distribution assumed in defect assessments often has a deciding influence on the analysis outcome, and in the absence of accurate and reliable knowledge of the weld residual stresses, the design codes and procedures use assumptions that yield very conservative assessments that can severely limit the economic life of some plant. However, recent advances in both the modeling and measurement of residual stresses in welded structures and components open up the possibility of characterising weld residual stresses in operating plant using state-of–the–art fully validated Finite Element simulations. This paper describes research undertaken to predict residual stresses in stainless steel welds in order to provide validated reliable, accurate Structural Integrity assessment of nuclear power plant components