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Analyzing Rolling Pressure of Rolling Strip by Multi-Object Contact Multi-Pole Boundary Element Method

For guiding production effectively and revealing rolling mechanisms, the analysis of rolling-pressure distribution regulation is very important. Because rolling strip belongs to multi-object contact engineering problem which involves coupling deformation, obviously the accuracy of disaggregate mathematical method is low. Therefore, in this paper,it is developed that multi-object, elasto-plastic and frictional contact multipole Boundary Element Method (BEM) by Fortran program. It can simulate five object synchronous contact accurately without artificial assumption.The three dimensional rolling-pressure distribution regulation of rolling strip has been obtained through this program. Through testing and calculating the load properties of bearing, the result shows that it is accordant for test and calculation. Therefore, multi-pole BEM is one of the effective numerical analytic tools of rolling contact problem, and the obtained result of rolling-pressure distribution can provide for reference value for analyzing rolling strip.

Chapter 1: Materials Science and Engineering
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Gary Yang
X. D. Shu, D. Y. Liu, G. X. Shen, "Analyzing Rolling Pressure of Rolling Strip by Multi-Object Contact Multi-Pole Boundary Element Method", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 428, pp. 14-18, 2012
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January 2012
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