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The Hydraulic Anti-Skid System of an Electric Pallet Truck

Aiming to avoid the skidding of a moving electric pallet truck, a new anti-skid method was proposed in this paper, which changes the proportion of enduring pressure between the driving wheel and trundles of the electric pallet truck. And a hydraulic anti-skid system was built up according to this method. Based on the theoretical analysis of the hydraulic anti-skid system, simulations were carried out by using AMESim and Matlab/Simulink software, and the anti-skid experiments were implemented. The results of simulations and experiments all show that the designed hydraulic anti-skid system can prevent trucks from slipping and can realize accurate and real-time anti-skid control.

Chapter 1: Materials Science and Engineering
Edited by
Gary Yang
G. P. Li, L. S. Shu, L. W. Wang, "The Hydraulic Anti-Skid System of an Electric Pallet Truck", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 428, pp. 19-23, 2012
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January 2012
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