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The Effect of Degassing Pressure Casting Molds on the Quality of Pressure Casting

In these days in foundry branch there is a rapid development of sectors of special casting technology with the aim to increase the quality and the efficiency of pressure casting production.. Internal homogeneity of pressure casting, characterized by the extent of porosity can be affected by the setup of technological parameters of pressure casting and last but not least by vacuuming the molds, that means to exhaust air and gases from the mold cavity. Contribution is specifically aimed on the analyzing the impact of degassing pressure molds on the porosity of pressure casting.

Chapter 1: Materials Science and Engineering
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Gary Yang
S. Gaspar, J. Maščeník, J. Pasko, "The Effect of Degassing Pressure Casting Molds on the Quality of Pressure Casting", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 428, pp. 43-46, Jan. 2012
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January 2012
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