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Research on the Dyeing Property of Natural Food Pigments on Cotton Fabric

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volume 441)
Main Theme Eco-Dyeing, Finishing and Green Chemistry
Edited by Jianzhong Shao and Qinguo Fan
Pages 57-60
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Xia Zhu et al., 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 441, 57
Online since January 2012
Authors Xia Zhu, Qing Tao Meng
Keywords Cotton, Dyeing Property, Natural Food Pigment, No-Ironing Resin, Pre-Mordant Dyeing
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t is pre-mordant dyeing. Dyeing property of Carmine, gardenia yellow and sodium copper chlorophyll on cotton fabrics which were pre-treated by metal mordant (FeSO4AlCl3 and ZnCl2 ) was studied. The reasonable pre-treatment was determined by comparing the color depth (K/S value) of dyed samples. And then, the dyed samples were treated with no-iron finishing resin 931-33 to fix the color. The result shows that the color depth of cotton fabric is greatly improved after determined pre-treatment, and the washing fastness is improved after color fixing.