Paper Title:
Dyeing of Pearl Fiber by Walnut Peel Dye

This paper studied the metachrome process of an optimal dyeing method by comparing the color and fastness of walnut peel extract applied on the pearl fiber with ammonium ferrous sulfate as mordent. In addition, the paper also ascertained the reasonable dyeing process, that is, pH 9, walnut peel extract (the dye) dosage 200 ml/L, mordant (ammonium ferrous sulfate) 2.5 g/L, temperature 80 °C, time 60 min and liquor ratio 1:30, through analysis on single-factor experiments and orthogonal experiments by taking K/S as an evaluation index for the dyeing effect. The results showed that a better effect is achievable by dyeing the pearl fiber with walnut peel dye through the metachrome process.

Edited by
Jianzhong Shao and Qinguo Fan
C. P. Dong, J. Dong, J. M. Xia, "Dyeing of Pearl Fiber by Walnut Peel Dye", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 441, pp. 66-71, 2012
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January 2012
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