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Eco-Dyeing, Finishing and Green Chemistry

Volume 441
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Authors: Hai Huang, Bao Cheng Zhou, Jia Sheng Wang, Jian Jia Du, Pei Pei Yu, Yi Feng Han
Abstract:Chemical reinvestigation of the methanolic extract of whole plant of Lactuca sativa L var. anagustata has now led to the...
Authors: Ming Hua Wu, Jian Peng Dong, Dong Ming Qi, Chong Qian, Xin Jiang
Abstract:A series of acrylate latexes for pigment printing binder were prepared by semi-continuous pre-emulsifying emulsion polymerization, using...
Authors: Lei Yang, Cheng Jie Hu, Hai Yang, Dong Ming Qi
Abstract:Well-controlled polystyrene-b-poly (n-butyl acrylate)-b-polystyrene (PSt-b-PnBA-b-PSt) triblock...
Authors: Chuan Xia Huang, Ling Min Yi, Hao Yu Yuan, Chang Qin Chen
Abstract:A novel approach to modify polymeric pigment dispersants with polysiloxanes was developed based on the sequential atom transfer radical...
Authors: Jian Wei Xing, Cheng Shu Xu, Yan Ren, Wen Zhao Shi, Jin Shu Liu
Abstract:A polymeric shell with low permeability was manufactured via a combined process including both an interfacial polymerization and an in-situ...
Authors: Bojana Voncina, A. Majcen Le Marechal, Tivadar Feczko
Abstract:In our research we prepared various eco-friendly ethylcellulose nanocapsules which were grafted on various textile materials by using a...
Authors: Manal Moustafa Rekaby, Qin Guo Fan
Abstract:With a view to developing UV curable systems from renewable biocompatible raw materials, the present work deals with the encapsulation of...
Authors: Zhi Hua Cui, Jiang Chao Guo, Wei Guo Chen, Bing Tao Tang
Abstract:A series of phenylazo-β-naphthol-containing sulfonamide disperse dyes were applied to poly (lactic acid) fabric by exhaust dyeing. Their dye...
Authors: Zhi Peng He, Zan Min Wu
Abstract:Wool fabric was treated with homemade natural tea pigment to endow anti-ultraviolet property. Research results showed that the...
Authors: Liang He, Li Hua Lu, De Feng Zhao
Abstract:Novel orange reactive dyes containing a built-in benzophenone moiety had been synthesized in four steps and characterized using electrospray...
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