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Eco-Dyeing, Finishing and Green Chemistry

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A Study on Supercritical CO2 Dyeing of Milk Protein Fiber with Capsanthin and its Function

Authors: Zan Min Wu, Xiao Jiao Deng, Jun Wang, Zhi Peng He
Abstract: The milk protein fiber was dyed with homemade capsanthin in medium of supercritical CO2 and got a crimson color. The optimum...


Research on the Dyeing Property of Natural Food Pigments on Cotton Fabric

Authors: Xia Zhu, Qing Tao Meng
Abstract: t is pre-mordant dyeing. Dyeing property of Carmine, gardenia yellow and sodium copper chlorophyll on cotton fabrics which were pre-treated...


Dyeing of Polyester/Cotton Blends with Encapsulated Disperse/Reactive Dyes for a One-Bath Auxiliary-Free Process

Authors: Chun Li Meng, Yan Wei Wang, Ji Liang Cao
Abstract: Research onthe one-bath dyeing process of encapsulated disperse dyes and reactive dyes on polyester/cotton blends showed that through the...


Dyeing of Pearl Fiber by Walnut Peel Dye

Authors: Chao Ping Dong, Jie Dong, Jian Ming Xia
Abstract: This paper studied the metachrome process of an optimal dyeing method by comparing the color and fastness of walnut peel extract applied on...


Studies on Crosslinking Dyeing of a Series of Crosslinking Dyes by a Crosslinker

Authors: Guo Hua Zhu, Jin Li Zhu, Jin Ming Wu, Yan Feng Tang, Bing Tao Tang
Abstract: A series of blue crosslinking dyes EDCD, DTCD, TPCD, PVAmCD and PAAmCD were synthesized by the reaction of...


The Process of Silk Fabric Printed with Mulberry Red

Authors: Na Liu, Xi Chun Dai, Xiang Rong Wang
Abstract: The process of silk fabric printed with a natural dye such as mulberry red has been studied. Sodium alginate could meet the need of silk...


Dyeing Silk with Tea Polyphenol

Authors: Hong Fei Qian, Ping Zhu, Gang Bai, Yan Chun Liu
Abstract: Tea polyphenol (TP) was used to dye silk by the post-mordanting method using three different metal salts as the mordant; ferrous sulfate,...


Effect of Soaping Process on Crimp Properties of Optim Wool

Authors: Qiong Ying Quan, Zhi Gang Li
Abstract: Optim fiber is a kind of modified wool fiber by physical stretching of fine wool fiber, which changes the crimp ratio of the original wool....


The Effect of Mordan Complexation of Natural Pigments on the Dyeing of Wool Dyeing of Natural Pigments

Authors: Yun Jiang Sun, Qing Tao Meng
Abstract: The effects of different pH values and temperatures on the dyeing behavior of three types of natural pigment (lac dyer red, gardenia yellow,...


The Effect of Different Plasma Treatments on the Pigment Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics

Authors: Ying Chen, Zhi Jia Wang, Fu Jia Song, Yong Hua Xu
Abstract: In this paper, the application of glow discharge (low pressure) and dielectric barrier discharge (atmospheric) prior to pigment dyeing of...


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