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Eco-Dyeing, Finishing and Green Chemistry

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Dyeing of Silk with Natural Plant Extract from Rhizoma picrorhizae

Authors: Sha Sha Sun, Jie Jie Wang, Ren Cheng Tang
Abstract: A new concept that uses natural plant extract from Rhizoma Picrorhizae (RP) as a natural dye in silk dyeing was proposed. The RP extract can...


Physical Properties and Dyeing Behavior of the Hollow-Triangle Nylon6 Fiber

Authors: Shun Hua Zhang, Hai Xia Wu, Zuo Long Ning, Xiao Xiao Liu, He Ming Lin
Abstract: The hollow-triangle PA6 composite shaped fiber produced by high-speed spinning with semi-dull polyamide 6 chips was designed and developed...


Fading of Silk Fabric Dyed with Phellodendron

Authors: Feng Zhao, Zhi Wen Hu, Dian Bo Zhang, Zhi Qin Peng, Dong Yi Qin
Abstract: Commercial silk habotai was dyed with phellodendron according to Chinese traditional dyeing method. After dyeing, the samples were quickly...


Effects of Polar Solvent on the Structure and Properties of M-Aramid Fibers

Authors: Hua Peng Zhang, Xin Xing Feng, Hai Lin Zhu, Jian Yong Chen
Abstract: The effects of polar solvent on the surface morphology, glass transition temperature, crystalline structure, dimensional changes and dye...


Effect of Cellulase Hydrolysis on Dyeing Properties of Linen

Authors: C.W. Kan, C.W.M. Yuen, Y.L. Lam
Abstract: This paper investigated the effect of cellulase on dyeing properties of linen fabric. Acid cellulase of different concentrations was used...


One-Step Ink-Jet Printing and Anti-Crease Finishing for Silk

Authors: Fang Lan Guan, Jian Ming Wang
Abstract: An inkjet printing technology that combines printing and anti-crease in one process was developed for silk. Epoxy resin added to the...


Bring Structural Color to Silk Fabrics

Authors: Ying Ying Diao, Xiang Yang Liu
Abstract: By mimicking the fine structures of butterflies wings and peacocks feathers, we have successfully brought structural color to silk fabrics....


Color Fading of Indigo-Dyed Cotton Denim Fabric by Laser

Authors: C.W. Kan, C.W.M. Yuen, C.W. Cheng
Abstract: Laser allows short-time surface engraving of the patterns of desired variety, size, and intensity on a wide range of textile surfaces with...


Stabilization of Natural Dyes by High Levels of Antioxidants

Authors: Da Peng Li, Paul Calvert, Charlene Mello, Kenneth Morabito, Anubhav Tripathi, Nina Shapley, Kristin Gilida
Abstract: Natural dyes are normally unstable to photooxidation by UV light. We have measured the stability of a number of natural dyes in combination...


Technology and Mechanism of Redox Degumming on Apocynum

Authors: Zong Qian Wang, Xiao Hua Huang, Chang Long Li
Abstract: In order to discuss the mechanism of redoxdegumming process on apocynum, the pH value of redoxdegumming solution has been detected firstly...


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