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Research on the Effect of Concentration and Type of De-Icing Salt on Concrete Salt-Scaling

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 450 - 451)
Main Theme Trends in Building Materials Research
Chapter Chapter 1: Traditional Construction Materials
Edited by Jianjun Zheng, Xiuli Du, Weiming Yan, Yue Li and Jianwei Zhang
Pages 14-20
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Qiang Li et al., 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 450-451, 14
Online since January 2012
Authors Qiang Li, Zhi Yun Zhou
Keywords Brine Ice, Concentration of De-Icing Salt, Glue Spaling, Road Engineering, Salt Scaling
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To study the effect of concentration and type of de-icing salt on salt scaling based on the mechanism of glue spaling proposed by John J. Valenza II and George W. Scherer, the de-icing solution of NaCI andCaCI2 on the concentration of 1%、3%、5% and 7% were frozen into brine ice . Order to obtain the relationship of elastic modulus between the type and concentration of de-icing ,all brine ice specimens were tested under uni-axial compressive loading. The test results show: with the increase of concentration, the elastic modulus and peak stress of bring ice were decreased;when the same concentration ,the elastic modulus and peak stress of NaCl brine ice were higher than CaCI2.Based on the test results ,a reasonable explanation of the following phenomenon were given:The different type of de-icing salt all can lead to salt scaling of concrete;when the concentration of de-icing salt is moderate,it is will occur the most serious salt scaling.