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A Flexible Roll Forming on-Line Detection Algorithm Based on Machine Vision

For the flexible roll forming of the control system, this paper introduces a method that machine vision bind to the flexible roll forming control system. The detection method for sheet metal forming is image acquisition, image processing and other means for the extraction of sheet metal forming in some time section contour curve. Compare extraction section contour curve with the moment theory section contour curve in the control system, get the deviation value and feedback to the control system that interpolation arithmetic to realize closed loop control.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 457-458)
Chapter 2: Engineering Research
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Sally Gao
X. P. Li, B. Qian, Q. Li, "A Flexible Roll Forming on-Line Detection Algorithm Based on Machine Vision", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 457-458, pp. 287-292, Jan. 2012
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January 2012
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