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The Effects of MgO Addtion on the Mechanical Properties and the Phase Composition of Al2O3-TiC-TiN Ceramic Materials

Al2O3-TiN-TiC ceramic materials with different MgO content were fabricated by hot-pressing technique. The MgO volume percent was varied from 0vol% to 5vol%. Three point bending test was applied to get the flexural strength and the Vickers indentation was applied to get the Vickers hardness and the fracture toughness. The phase composition of the ceramics was analyzed by XRD. The effects of the content of MgO on the mechanical properties and the phase composition of Al2O3-TiN-TiC were investigated. The results shows that the addition of MgO can change the phase composition of the sintered ceramic materials which displayed with diverse solid solutions and intermetallic compounds. The convertion of the mechanical properties can also be explained by the XRD results.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 457-458)
Chapter 1: Advanced Materials Science
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Sally Gao
Y. H. Fei, C. Z. Huang, H. L. Liu, B. Zou, "The Effects of MgO Addtion on the Mechanical Properties and the Phase Composition of Al2O3-TiC-TiN Ceramic Materials", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 457-458, pp. 3-6, 2012
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January 2012
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