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The Reliability Analysis of Cylindrical Helical Compression Spring of Various Design Parameters

When designing the cylindrical helical compression spring, many designers use high- strength materials or various strengthening technology approaches in order to improve the reliability of spring. These approaches increase the costs and reduce economy. With the help of MATLAB software, this paper analyzes how the chosen design parameters of the cylindrical helical compression spring influence its reliability based on stress-strength interference model with the way of controlling variables method when the fatigue life of spring is longer than one million cycles. It is shown that changing the spring design parameters, instead of using valuable or rare materials, can achieve high reliable level especially when the reliability of spring can't reach the requirement and hence can get a better economic benefit.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 479-481)
Chapter 11: Structural Strength and Robustness
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Wenzhe Chen, Pinqiang Dai, Yonglu Chen, Qianting Wang and Zhengyi Jiang
J. Shi, Y. Y. Huang, B. X. Hu, X. P. Hu, "The Reliability Analysis of Cylindrical Helical Compression Spring of Various Design Parameters", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 479-481, pp. 2050-2054, 2012
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February 2012
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