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Modeling and Simulation of a Slider-Crank Mechanism with Clearance and Lubricant Joint

The influence of the clearance in the joint must be considered in the modeling and dynamic analysis for the mutibody mechanical systems. The model of the planar revolute clearance joint is built on the base of the clearance vector approach and the continuous contact approach. Furthermore, the friction is included through the modified Coulombs friction law and the lubrication is introduced into the model, with the Reynolds equation employed to evaluate the hydrodynamic forces. A slider-crank drive system of a screen printing machine with a clearance joint is researched as the example, whose dynamic characteristics are simulated by the software ADAMS. It is shown that the clearance has affected the dynamics response of the system and the lubrication is effective to deaden the impact.

Chapter 1: Machinery and Engineering Applications
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Quanjie Gao
L. J. Wu, A. P. Li, X. M. Liu, "Modeling and Simulation of a Slider-Crank Mechanism with Clearance and Lubricant Joint", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 510, pp. 458-466, Apr. 2012
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April 2012
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