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The Mechanism of Bud Dormancy in Plants

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 518 - 523)
Main Theme Advances in Environmental Science and Engineering
Chapter Chapter 17: Plant Protection and Biotechnology
Edited by Reza Iranpour, Ji Zhao, Aijie Wang, Fenglin Yang and Xinyong Li
Pages 5376-5380
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Li Zhang et al., 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 518-523, 5376
Online since May 2012
Authors Li Zhang, Feng Jia, Jin Shui Wang
Keywords Dormancy, Epigenetics, Photoperiod, Phytohormones, Temperature
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The seasonal cycling between growth and dormancy has received little attention despite its importance for plant behaviour. Many factors are involved in dormancy regulation, which include environmental factors, such as phytohormones, photoperiod and temperature. In this review, we reconsider seasonal cycles of growth and dormancy in view of dormancy within the meristem, together with recent exciting developments of phytohormones and epigenetic in the study of plants.