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Effect of Tourism Development on Energy Consumption, CO2 and Economic Growth in China

This study examines the effect of tourism development on energy consumption, CO2 and economic growth in China over the period from 1981 to 2010. An extension of ARIMA model was performed to investigate the relationship between variables. Two principle test results emerge from this study. First, increases on visitors may largely give rise to GDP. On the other hand, increase on tourism receipts may result in greater energy consumption and CO2 emission to some extent as compared to number of visitors. However, the amount of effects from either tourism receipts or number of visitors to energy consumption and CO2 emission are limited. From an energy conservation and economic growth point of view, the results support the hypothesis of tourism-led economic growth in the China economy with relatively limited increase of energy consumption and CO2 emission.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 524-527)
Chapter 13: Environmental Protection and Circular Economy
Edited by
Jianguo Wu, Jie Yang, Nobukazu Nakagoshi, Xixi Lu and He Xu
K. C. Kuo, M. Liu, S. L. Lai, "Effect of Tourism Development on Energy Consumption, CO2 and Economic Growth in China", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 524-527, pp. 3380-3383, 2012
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May 2012
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