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Hydroxyapatite Whisker Effect on Strength of Calcium Phosphate Bone Cement

Hydroxyapatite whisker was the reinforcement phase to prepare whisker/calcium phosphate cement composites, which was obtained by homogeneous precipitation method, with 2.5~15 microns in length, 2~30 length/diameter ratio. Mechanical properties and microstructure of composites were tested. With the increase of hydroxyapatite whisker addition, composites strength reduces after the first rise. When hydroxyapatite whisker is added to 4%(wt), the composite achieves the maximum strength. SEM method was used to observe fracture microstructures of composite materials. As a result, dispersion degree of the HA whisker affects the strength of the material. Too much whiskers can form agglomerates, which weaken composite strength.

Chapter 1: Material Engineering and its Application Technology
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Helen Zhang, David Jin and X.J. Zhao
P. Zhao, S. Zhao, T. R. Zhao, X. H. Ren, F. Wang, X. N. Chen, "Hydroxyapatite Whisker Effect on Strength of Calcium Phosphate Bone Cement", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 534, pp. 30-33, Jun. 2012
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June 2012
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