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Biological Performances of Titanium Scaffolds: A Review

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 535 - 537)
Main Theme Advanced Engineering Materials II
Chapter Chapter 9: New Functional Materials
Edited by Chunxiang Cui, Yali Li and Zhihao Yuan
Pages 1634-1637
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Kun Mediaswanti et al., 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 535-537, 1634
Online since June 2012
Authors Kun Mediaswanti, Cui'e Wen, Elena P. Ivanova, Christopher C. Berndt, Francois Malherbe, James Wang
Keywords Biocompatibility, Biomaterial, Hydroxyapatite (HAP), Porous, Titanium
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Titanium and titanium alloys scaffolds have been widely explored in many load-bearing orthopaedic applications due to their excellent strength and corrosion resistance. However, their biocompatibility is also an important concern in these applications due to adverse reactions of metallic ions with the surrounding tissues after these metallic ions are released from implant surfaces. To respond on the challenge of producing a biocompatible material, a review on structural properties and surface treatments on titanium scaffolds and their effects on biological responses (in vitro and in vivo) are briefly presented.