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Review on the Methods of Harmonic Elimination

This paper describes the methods of Harmonic Elimination, with the development of power electronic equipment, harmonic pollution of power system is more and more serious traditional method for harmonic elimination and reactive power compensation is the LC power filter based on resonance principle, but this method can only eliminate the specified order harmonic, and probably cause parallel or series resonance with the power system. Due to the high controlling and quick response, active power filter has been paid more attention for eliminating harmonic with magnitude and phase varying. This paper discusses the main approaches for harmonic damping, proposes the study development of active power filter(APF), and gives some forecasting on the research of active power filter and hybrid active power filter.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 538-541)
Chapter 3: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation
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Liancheng Zhao, Haowei Wang and Changfa Xiao
X. S. Zhou, G. Z. Chen, Y. J. Ma, "Review on the Methods of Harmonic Elimination", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 538-541, pp. 673-676, Jun. 2012
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June 2012
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Authors: Xue Jun Su, Ren Xi, Cheng Gang Wang
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