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Treatment of Natural Mordenite with Alkali and the Ammonium Exchange Capacity of the Modified Zeolite

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 554 - 556)
Main Theme Advances in Chemistry Research II
Chapter Chapter 11: Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry
Edited by Shuang Chen, Zhao-Tie Liu and Qingzhu Zeng
Pages 2031-2036
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yi Fei Wang, 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 554-556, 2031
Online since July 2012
Authors Yi Fei Wang
Keywords Ammonium Exchange Capacity, Hydrothermal Reaction, Natural Mordenite, Zeolite Na-P
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The natural mordenite was treated hydrothermally with NaOH solutions, either with or without fusion with NaOH powder as pretreatment. Zeolite Na-P and analcime were identified as the reacted products, depending on the reaction conditions. The zeolites were identified by X-raydiffraction, and their cation exchange capacity (CEC) was determined. Zeolite Na-P has higher CEC (338 meq/100g) contrasted with the mordenite (181 meq/100g). Further more, the uptakes of NH4+ onto the zeolites have also been investigated. The Na-P has faster exchange rate, higher exchange amounts and better regeneration ability. The ammonium removal efficiency for the Na-P is above 90% at the ammonium initial concentrations less than 150 mg NH4+/g. It seemed that Na-P was fit for the further treatment of waters polluted with ammonium.