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Numerical Simulation of Inner-Outer Couple Cooling Slab Continuous Casting in the Filling Process

In the paper, flow status and solidification status of molten steel in inner-outer couple cooling mold in the filling process are simulated by using fluid dynamics software Flow-3d, and obtain distributing diagrams of flow field and temperature field and free-surface shape diagrams in the filling process. Influences of flow field and temperature field of filling process on solidification are analyzed in the slab continuous casting. It is indicated that inner cooler can improve molten steel flow status, which is favorable to inclusion in molten steel floating up, quicken the solidification rate of molten steel in the mold.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 557 - 559)
Chapter 13: Modeling, Simulation and Emulation
Edited by
Hongbing Ji, Yixin Chen and Shengzhou Chen
Yan Juan Jin et al., 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 557-559, 2257
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July 2012
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Authors: Yan Juan Jin, Xiao Chao Cui, Zhu Zhang
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