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Analysis of Inclusion Microstructure in Material Engineering of Steel

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volume 568)
Main Theme Advanced Research on Civil Engineering and Material Engineering
Chapter Chapter 4: Material Engineering and its Application Technology
Edited by Helen Zhang, David Jin and X.J. Zhao
Pages 324-327
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Ding Guo Zhao et al., 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 568, 324
Online since September 2012
Authors Ding Guo Zhao, Shu Huan Wang, Ming Jian Guo
Keywords Inclusion, Material Engineering, Microstructure, Technic Control
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The sample of oxide inclusion was obtained in the different stage of steelmaking for the 65 steel. The microstructure was observed by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to analyze the composition and type of inclusions. It was shown that the microscopic inclusions in the high carbon steel were mainly massive and cluster Al2O3, spherical and slope silicate inclusion, calcium-aluminates inclusions and sulphide complex inclusions. The measures including raw material requirement, improving of the converter, LF refining and continuous casting operations were put forward to decrease inclusion.