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Analysis and Application of Oxalic Acid Modified Sodium Silicate Binder

A new type of pellet binder was prepared with oxalic acid as sodium silicate chemical modification agent in this paper, the compressive strength of which improved obviously. It improved from 0.6 KN/a to 2.4 KN/a, when the amount of oxalic acid is 8%. Meanwhile, carboxyl introduced at 390°C started carbonization decomposition, and pelletizing properties wouldn't be affected without new pellet impurity. The analysis shows that adding oxalic acid introduces carboxyl only in the binder, but doesn't generate new functional groups; Polymer layer formed by carboxyl adsorption on sodium silicate gel particle surface limits colloidal particle growing up, and plays roles of refining colloidal particle and improving the bonding strength.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 573-574)
Chapter 1: Environment Materials and Chemical Environment
Edited by
Zhenyu Du and Peiyu Ren
L. G. Wang, F. Zhang, Y. Zhang, L. Zhou, E. Z. Wang, "Analysis and Application of Oxalic Acid Modified Sodium Silicate Binder", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 573-574, pp. 31-34, Oct. 2012
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October 2012
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