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Application of Silica Fume in China

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volume 58)
Main Theme Powder Technology and Application
Edited by Guosheng Gai
Pages 21-26
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Xiao Hua Liu et al., 2008, Advanced Materials Research, 58, 21
Online since October 2008
Authors Xiao Hua Liu, Xing Dong Lv, Jian Xia Fu, Peng Peng, Guo Sheng Gai
Keywords Concrete, Industrial Waste, Refractory, Silica Fume (SF), Superfine Powder
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Silica fume is the dust recovered from the smoke released while smelting Si or Si-Fe alloy. The papers gives an overview of silica fume application in concrete, refractory, metallurgy and cement in China, along with some projects as examples; To contrast the situation at abroad, the producing, application, and price of silica fume in China was analyzed, and base on this predicted the future market. It is significant to promote deep research and application for silica fume.