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Sheet Metal 2005

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Chances and Challenges in Joining by Forming with a Flat Counter Tool

Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, R. Mauermann, Stephan Dietrich
Abstract: Two new joining methods for sheet metal parts, dieless clinching and dieless rivet-clinching are introduced in this paper. With these...


Use of Shell Elements for the FEM-Simulation of the Welding Process of Sheet Metal Parts

Authors: Michael F. Zäh, L. Papadakis, Sven Roeren, T. Hornfeck
Abstract: During the joining process of complex body components in the automobile industry, dimensional accuracy is essential. In order to predict...


Distortion Minimization in Remote Welding of Steel

Authors: Claus Thomy, M. Schilf, Thomas Seefeld, G. Sepold, Frank Vollertsen
Abstract: In conventional robot-guided laser beam welding of sheet metal, e.g. for automotive applications, one of the key aspects determining the...


Mechanised Plasma-Powder-Arc-Welding (PPAW) of Aluminium Sheets

Authors: J. Wilden, Jean-Pierre Bergmann
Abstract: The use of aluminium alloys rose in the last decade, as its specific mechanical properties allow a reduction of mass as for example in...


Rapid Parametric Process Design Using FEM Analysis

Authors: Miklós Tisza, Zsolt Lukács
Abstract: During the recent years, due to the rapid development in Finite Element modeling, as well as the rapid evolution of computer techniques,...


Trends and Developments in Intelligent Computer Aided Design of Progressive Dies

Authors: S. Kumar, R. Singh
Abstract: This paper discusses the trends and developments in intelligent CAD of progressive die. The research efforts reviewed reveal the growing...


Tolerance Analysis of Sheet Metal Assemblies with Focus on Non-Rigid Geometry

Authors: R. Lustig, R. Hochmuth, H. Meerkamm
Abstract: Tolerance analysis is nowadays a modern and efficient tool to simulate toleranced assemblies. As a result the designer gets the closing...


A New Approach for Optimization of Sheet Metal Components

Authors: A. Albers, H. Weiler, D. Emmrich, B. Lauber
Abstract: Beads are a widespread technology for reinforcing sheet metal structures, because they can be applied without any additional manufacturing...


The Integration of CAPP and Production Planning for Bent Sheet Metal Parts

Authors: Dirk Cattrysse, P. Collin, Joost R. Duflou, T.H.M. Nguyen, Dirk Van Oudheusden
Abstract: Both the topics of Computer Aided Process Planning and Production Planning in the context of sheet metal air bending have been presented as...


Problem Specific Design of Actuators for Micro Adjustment

Authors: Hinnerk Hagenah, T. Wurm
Abstract: Ongoing miniaturisation of functional parts in electronic, optical and mechanical devices results in an increasing demand for precision. By...


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