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Sheet Metal 2005

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Force Measurements for Single Point Incremental Forming: An Experimental Study

Authors: Joost R. Duflou, Alexander Szekeres, P. Vanherck
Abstract: In this paper an experimental platform capable of measuring forces in process during an incremental forming procedure is described and the...


Forces in Single Point and Two Point Incremental Forming

Authors: J. Jeswiet, Joost R. Duflou, Alexander Szekeres
Abstract: Forces have been measured in Two Point Incremental Forming and Single Point Incremental Forming of Sheet Metal. It is necessary to know the...


Incremental Sheet Forming with an Industrial Robot – Forming Limits and Their Effect on Component Design

Authors: L. Lamminen
Abstract: Incremental sheet forming (ISF) has been a subject of research for many research groups before. However, all of the published results so far...


A New Robot-Based Sheet Metal Forming Process

Authors: Horst Meier, O. Dewald, Jian Zhang
Abstract: This paper describes a new sheet metal forming process for the production of sheet metal components for limited-lot productions and...


The Design of an Incremental Sheet Forming Machine

Authors: J.M. Allwood, N.E. Houghton, K.P. Jackson
Abstract: A new incremental sheet forming machine has been built in Cambridge and was commissioned in October 2004. The basis for the machine design...


Sheet Thinning Prediction in Single Point Incremental Forming

Authors: Giuseppina Ambrogio, Luigino Filice, Francesco Gagliardi, Fabrizio Micari
Abstract: Incremental forming processes are characterized by a well known and particular feature: any deformation across the sheet plane determines...


Custom Manufacture of a Solar Cooker – A Case Study

Authors: J. Jeswiet, Joost R. Duflou, Alexander Szekeres, P. Lefebvre
Abstract: Single Point Incremental Forming is a new process, which has been developed to make both Rapid Prototyped products and low volume product...


New Approach for Process Planning and Optimization in Sheet Metal Spinning

Authors: R. Göbel, Matthias Kleiner, N. Henkenjohann
Abstract: Due to the high complexity and the large number of possible geometries to be formed, a systematic design of the sheet metal spinning process...


Further Experimental Investigations and FEM Model Development in Sheet Incremental Forming

Authors: Claudio Giardini, Elisabetta Ceretti, Aldo Attanasio
Abstract: Sheet Incremental Forming (SIF) is a modern technique that deforms the sheet on a positive or negative die using a simple punch mounted on a...


Quantitative Validation of FEM Simulations for Incremental Sheet Forming Using Optical Deformation Measurement

Authors: M. Bambach, Gerhard Hirt, J. Ames
Abstract: The present paper focuses on a new methodology to quantitatively evaluate finite element calculations on incremental sheet forming (ISF)....


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