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Filling Pattern of Step Gating System in Lost Foam Casting Process and its Application

To explore application of step gating system in LFC, filling process of two types of step gating system was simulated, their filling patterns were found, and several engineering examples were analyzed basing on these patterns. It was found the metal start filling through all ingates almost simultaneously if the gating system is open, otherwise the sequence of the ingate filling follow increasing sequence of streamline length from the inlet. It was also found the metal volume through each ingate increased gradually bottom-top when the common step gating system is filled by EPS, but when the common step gating system is open or step gating system have an auxiliary sprue, the metal volume decreases gradually. Analysis on several engineering examples shows the simulation confluence of two liquid metal fronts is basically in accordance with the casting defect locations.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 602-604)
Chapter 17: Materials Forming and Processes
Edited by
Zhiming Shi, Junhui Dong and Wen Ma
H. Zhou, L. H. Luo, "Filling Pattern of Step Gating System in Lost Foam Casting Process and its Application", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 602-604, pp. 1916-1921, 2013
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December 2012
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