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Research Status and Prospect of Water and Fertilizer Effect on Coffee

Planting in mountain land and sloping fields,production of coffee is restricted by drought and undernutrition, therefore scientific mode of water and fertilizer is the basis guarantee of high quality and yield. To seek quantitatively optimized decision of irrigation and fertilizer of coffee in tropical and subtropical district, perfect the theory of efficiency use of water and fertilizer in coffee, and realize ecological agriculture developing target of high quality and yield, this paper summarizes the effect of water and fertilizer on growth, physiological characteristic, yield and quality, and put forward some scientific questions need to be further studied such as pattern of water consumption and optimization management of water and fertilizer under water saving irrigation.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 610-613)
Chapter 17: Plant Protection and Biotechnology
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Qunjie Xu, Yanzhong Ju and Honghua Ge
X. G. Liu, X. L. Wang, Q. L. Yang, "Research Status and Prospect of Water and Fertilizer Effect on Coffee", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 610-613, pp. 3416-3420, Dec. 2012
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December 2012
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Authors: Xiao Gang Liu, Yuan Zhong, Xin Le Wang, Qi Liang Yang
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