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Study on Present Situation of Eco-City Construction in the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

The construction of eco-city is meant to harmonize the social, economical and natural development, with high-efficiency use of the material, energy and information. Eco-city is the inevitable choice of a city development in future. It is very important to explore the eco-city construction in the context of ecological civilization. In the background of ecological civilization, the relationship between ecological civilization and eco-city construction is explored. Furthermore, the importance of eco-city construction has been discussed. Finally, the eco-city theories and practical experiences abroad are summarized and some opinions and advices on eco-city construction in Shenyang, China are given.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 616-618)
Chapter 8: Urban and Regional Planning
Edited by
Yingjie Zhang, Qunjie Xu and Mojie Sun
K. B. Liu, H. B. Li, Y. H. Li, X. Wang, "Study on Present Situation of Eco-City Construction in the Perspective of Ecological Civilization", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 616-618, pp. 1292-1295, 2013
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December 2012
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