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Roadway Deformation Test for Machine Excavation Disturbance

It can be concluded that two abreast near ways were suffered disturbed effects by one another in the cause of one’s excavation by studying the disturbed effects between JI17-22300 air way and machine way of JI16-22320 working face in the course of excavation ofJI17-22300 air way in Pingmei Shares Shikuang. We found three kinds of phenomenons. Firstly, the biggest deformation was the floor. Secondly, the stress concentration zone was10m-20m in front of the head of the roadway and floor drum violent activities for a period of 6-7 days. Lastly, stress appeared on two walls earlier of that of roof and floor stress appearance, namely wall deformation happened in distance of head-on20m, wall deformation amount begins to tend stable convergence after50~60 meters of roadway, those were happened in the roadways which were 450m depth, 11m span and at the drivage speed of 10m/d.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 616-618)
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering and Coal Mining
Edited by
Yingjie Zhang, Qunjie Xu and Mojie Sun
S. Y. Wei, L. Wang, T. Li, T. B. Gao, M. Liu, "Roadway Deformation Test for Machine Excavation Disturbance", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 616-618, pp. 370-375, Dec. 2012
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December 2012
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