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Research on Mechanical Properties and Engineering Application of Modern Timber Structure

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 639 - 640)
Main Theme Advances in Civil Infrastructure Engineering
Chapter Chapter 1: Keynote Lectures and Invited Papers
Edited by Xianyan Zhou, Guojing He, Yunlei Fan, Yan Xiao, Sashi K. Kunnath and Giorgio Monti
Pages 105-110
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Xian Yan Zhou et al., 2013, Advanced Materials Research, 639-640, 105
Online since January 2013
Authors Xian Yan Zhou, Qian Wang, Zhi Feng Wang, Zhong Feng Zhang, Lei Cao
Keywords Engineering Application, Mechanical Property, Modern Timber Bridge
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Modern timber structure holds many virtues in the fields of construction, such as energy-saving, green, aesthetics, ect, superior to concrete and steel bridge. Meanwhile,it is the mechanical properties of timber structure that have been attracted much attention compared with other structures. It is not only glue laminated timber(glulam) but also tri-axial grids sandwich panels(TGSP)satisfy high load-bearing capacity and long-span requirements of modern timber bridge. As two essential parts of elements used as columns,decks in modern timber structure, glulam column had more full hysteretic curve with high energy-consuming ability and good seismic performance under reciprocating load was showed in this paper , and excellent compression property and bending property of TGSP were also studied . Finally, an engineering application was introduced. Filling the domestic gaps in bridge construction successfully, the first modern timber bridge in China has remarkable significant and greatly boosts the development of timber work.