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Exploration of Al Matrix Composites Reinforced with Al-Ti Intermetallics/Ti Metal Compound Spherical Agents

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 652 - 654)
Main Theme Advances in Materials and Materials Processing
Chapter Chapter 1: Composites
Edited by Zhengyi Jiang, Xianghua Liu, Sihai Jiao and Jingtao Han
Pages 43-47
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Li Zhang et al., 2013, Advanced Materials Research, 652-654, 43
Online since January 2013
Authors Li Zhang, Bao Lin Wu, Yu Hua Zhao
Keywords Al Matrix Composites, Al-Ti Intermetallics, Diffusion Reaction, Mechanical Property, Microstructural Evolution, Sintering
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In this paper, Al matrix composites reinforced with Al-Ti intermetallics/Ti metal compound spherical agents were successfully fabricated through powder metallurgy way. Al-Ti intermetallic including Al3Ti and TiAl phases are main reinforcements and inner Ti metal could not only play reinforce role but also reduce the crack sensitivity of Al-Ti intermetallics. This kind of reinforcements bonded strongly with Al matrix. As expected, the resultant composites exhibit promising mechanical properties at ambient temperature. And the mechanical property could be improved through regulating the relative thickness of the Al-Ti intermetallics and Ti metal layers.