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Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Phytoplankton-Fish System with the Allee Effect and Harvest Effect

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 726 - 731)
Main Theme Advances in Environmental Technologies
Chapter Chapter 5: Environmental Analysis, Modelling and Monitoring
Edited by Ji Zhao, Reza Iranpour, Xinyong Li and Bo Jin
Pages 1604-1610
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Wei Wei Zhang et al., 2013, Advanced Materials Research, 726-731, 1604
Online since August 2013
Authors Wei Wei Zhang * , Min Zhao
Keywords Allee Effect, Diffusion, Fish, Harvest, Pattern, Phytoplankton, Spatiotemporal
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* Corresponding Author

In this paper, spatiotemporal dynamics of a phytoplankton-fish system with the Allee effect and harvest effect are investigated mathematically and numerically. Mathematical theoretical works have been pursued for the investigation of the stability of the equilibrium point of the phytoplankton-fish system with the Allee effect and harvest effect, which in turn provide a theoretical basic for the numerical simulation. Numerical analysis works indicate that Allee effect and harvest effect have a strong effect on the spatiotemporal dynamics of the phytoplankton-fish system using pattern formation. These results may help us to better understand phytoplankton-fish interactions.