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A Tentative Study of Relationship between Mantle Plumes, Supercontinents and Orogenic Gold Deposits

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 734 - 737)
Main Theme Resources and Sustainable Development
Chapter Chapter 1: Mineral Prospecting and Geological Exploration
Edited by Jianguo Wu, Xixi Lu, He Xu and Nobukazu Nakagoshi
Pages 265-268
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Jun Hao Cui et al., 2013, Advanced Materials Research, 734-737, 265
Online since August 2013
Authors Jun Hao Cui * , Tao Ren
Keywords Mantle Plumes, Orogenic Gold Deposits, Super-Continents
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* Corresponding Author

On the basis of predecessors study, this paper found that outbreak frequency of mantle plume is increase, while scale is reduce. The mantle plume provides ore-forming minerals to orogenic gold deposits, as well as affords force to supercontinent formation and decomposition, for the more controls the global tectonic. Supercontinent is the movement of upper crust that could be cause by combine factors of cold and heat mantle plume. Supercontinent supply suitable tectonic environment for orogenic gold deposits. Further, we discuss the relationship between mantle plume, supercontinent and orogenic gold deposit on space and time. With the evolution of the earth, especially the energy loss, the frequency of orogenic gold mineralization is increasing, while the scale is reducing.