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An Improved Islanding Detection Method for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected System

Islanding detection is a very essential function for a photovoltaic grid-connected system. Islanding phenomenons not only damage to equipment, but also endanger to the safety of the maintenance personnel. Passive islanding detection methods that use alone have considerable non-detection zone (NDZ); active islanding detection methods that use alone are that join disturbance to system, but the disturbance will cause system instability [1]. In this paper, an over/under voltage and over/under frequency detection method combines with an improved active power perturbation detection method are proposed. The photovoltaic system can be reduced non-detection zone (NDZ) with improved the power quality and reduced the total harmonic distortion (THD) through this method.

Chapter 3: Power System and Energy Engineering
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Syed Masood
C. X. Li, Q. P. Yuan, "An Improved Islanding Detection Method for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected System", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 748, pp. 453-456, Aug. 2013
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August 2013
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