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A Kind of Environment Monitoring System Used for Aircraft Fire Training Simulator

Periodical Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 760 - 762)
Main Theme Optoelectronics Engineering and Information Technologies in Industry
Chapter Chapter 3: Mechatronics, Control and Management, Testing, Measurement and Monitoring Technologies
Edited by D.A. Li and W.H. Zhou
Pages 1250-1253
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Chun Guo Fei et al., 2013, Advanced Materials Research, 760-762, 1250
Online since September 2013
Authors Chun Guo Fei, Jin Long Zhang, Tian Hao Liu, Hai Zhong Xu
Keywords Aircraft Fire Training Simulator, Automatic Control, Data Communication, Environment Monitoring System, PID Feedback Regulation, Sensor
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Aircraft fire training simulators are key facilities in airport used for firefighters to do firefighting trainings. In order to protect the safety of firefighters, the monitoring system should be applied to monitor the internal environment of the simulator. In accordance with the requirements of the training environment, a kind of monitoring system based on MCU and GPRS communication components are built. The parameterized PID controller, the sensor detection module, the fan and spray drive module are consisted of closed-loop to achieve real-time control and regulation on the smoke and temperature of the internal simulator. Using GPRS module, the internal scenes of the simulator are sent to the command center through the information transmission system. Based on the information transported from training site, command center can take the appropriate training programs to guide firefighters. Use this system, the training safety is ensured and the training efficiency is improved at the same time.