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Analysis and Design of Production Management System of Automobile Industry Based on Web

Production management is the core of the information management of automobile manufacturing industry, can help the enterprise organization and management of production. This paper analyses the important role of production management and the process in the current information management system of automobile. Put forward the design idea and overall framework based on Browser/Server 3 layer architecture model of production management system of automobile industry, designed the function module of the system according to the enterprise production and management mode and the analysis of the various functional modules, and finally the whole work flow of production management systems in the automobile industry are given. The system can effectively organize and manage the production, enhance enterprise supply capacity.

Chapter 3: Industrial Engineering
Edited by
Zude Zhou and Hong Lu
X. Luo, "Analysis and Design of Production Management System of Automobile Industry Based on Web", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 823, pp. 581-584, Oct. 2013
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October 2013
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Authors: Shou Wen Ji, Hui Juan Ma, Wen Ling Wu
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