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Antioxidant Properties of Selected Malaysian Herbal Plant: A Review

Malaysian is among the most diverse plant resource country in the world especially with its richesnest flora and fauna. It has about 12,000 species of flowering plants of which about 1,300 species were said to be medicinal plant and have been investigated for their therapeutic potential. Spies have been known to be a valuable source of bioactive compound which are being used to treat various diseases and improved health for a thousand years ago. The beneficial health effects of medicinal plants come from polyphenols group which is often attributed to their potent antioxidant activities. This paper reviews the antioxidant potential of selected plants from Malaysia as Persicaria hydropiper, Cosmos caudatus and Melicope ptelefolia based on reported from several researchers.

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Mohamad Hafiz Mamat, Zuraida Khusaimi, Suriani Abu Bakar, Asiah Mohd Nor, Tetsuo Soga and Mohamad Rusop Mahmood
A. S. Nadzirah, M. Rusop, A. Noriham, "Antioxidant Properties of Selected Malaysian Herbal Plant: A Review", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 832, pp. 434-438, Nov. 2013
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November 2013
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Authors: Ting Qiu, Bi Yu Wang, Xiao Cui Lin, Yan Xiang Wu
Chapter 9: Extraction and Separation
Abstract:This study aimed at evaluating the antioxidative activity of crude hsian-tsao extracted by acetone and the Fraction E purified by AB-8...